5 Typical Interview Questions and How to Answer Them

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Job interview questions run the gamut from esoteric ones that try to teach weird problem-solving skills to mundane ones that delve into your job history. Instead of racking your brain over which questions might come up, discover five typical questions that a hiring manager will probably ask during your next interview and how to answer them.

1. Tell Me About Yourself

This is probably the first question to break the ice. What you don't want to do is repeat what's on your resume or talk about your personal life. Instead, emphasize why you're applying for the job, and talk about your skills and experience. Tell a story and stand out with your interview questions and answers, particularly this one. People's accomplishments and achievements sound alike, but your story is unique and no one else's.

2. What Is Your Greatest Weakness?

Interviewers ask this question to gauge whether you know yourself well enough. Leverage your greatest weakness into a positive by saying how you plan to improve upon your skill set. For example, if you say you have trouble staying on task and on time, you can talk about learning the newest and latest time management software to help you with your daily duties. With interview questions about strengths and weaknesses, you can show your self-awareness and talk positively about your skills.

3. What Did You Do at Your Last Job?

Focus on specifics, because your most recent job duties explain to a hiring manager how you can get results. Use facts, numbers and data to back up your story about how your daily work helped your company. Answers for these kinds of interview questions go something like, "I managed three different long-term projects that increased sales by as much as 10 percent quarter over quarter."

4. Why Did You Leave Your Last Job?

Interview questions invite you to be honest yet positive. This question in particular reveals if you hold a grudge or have a negative attitude. No matter what, never speak badly about your former employer even if you left under the most horrific of circumstances. The finishing touch on this answer revolves around how you want to get started with this employer.

5. What Questions Do You Have for Me?

Ask at least one relevant question of your interviewer to demonstrate you've done your homework. Consider asking about the employer's culture, mission and values, and how your role fits into those facets. Ask questions beyond ordinary, mundane, everyday tasks, and think about the big picture when you pose an important question to your interviewer.

Expect these five typical interview questions the next time you sit down for some face time with a hiring manager. Rehearse the answers to the questions until they sound natural and part of a conversation rather than forced. What questions do you hear most often when you interview for a job?


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    Someone asking about pet peeves on a work website.
    You should work on being positive and let go of pet peeves. Life is too short.
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