Do You Have Unfinished 2014 Goals?

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The last two months of every year mark a time when companies, employees, executives and administrative assistants take stock of the previous year and set goals for the future. The coming transition to a new year is a natural place to examine any unfinished goals and then to vow to correct the deficiency starting in January.

A perfect example of clearing out the 2014 to-do list comes from Julie Perinne, CEO of All Things Admin. She and her team decided to complete a few work-related projects that had been on her unfinished business list for three years. Instead of a huge Thanksgiving dinner with friends and family, Perinne and her husband chose to have a low-key gathering with just the two of them after the actual holiday.

Her holiday dinner capped a frenetic period of work-related projects that amounted to 40 hours of total staff time during Thanksgiving week. The extra effort during Thanksgiving prepared Perinne's business for the rest of 2014 and set goals for early 2015 at the same time. A little extra work around the holidays, when most people prepare for family time, pays dividends when a business gets back into regular, day-to-day operations after the new year.

The year-end motivation to set goals helps business owners and employees accomplish several projects, while the competition may be too concerned with how much eggnog to serve at the holiday party. November and December are not necessarily months to rest, this period marks a time to evaluate and improve. Perinne notes the 31 days of December can be used to educate your mind and to enhance your job skills.

While you wait in long supermarket lines, take your smartphone and register for an online course you have been meaning to take. December is a great time, in between wrapping holiday gifts and arranging holiday travel, to set goals revolving around continuing education and job training. Even if you do not pick a course right away, evaluate what options you have in front of you. There are plenty of choices when it comes to online tutorials, videos and learning opportunities you can do right at home.

One important aspect of continuing education is to set goals for your overall career. Ask yourself questions such as "What did I do this year?" and "Where do I want to be this time next year?" The next step is to ascertain what drives you to accomplish the goals you just listed. Are you passionate about your work, or are you just going through the motions? Do you want to earn that promotion this year, or are you burned out? These questions can help motivate administrative professionals to act on their feelings and to achieve what really matters most to them.

The idea of cleaning out the previous year before the new one begins is nothing new. How you set goals, and then how you reach them, can be as simple as signing up for continuing education class to better your job skills. December offers a great opportunity to clear out unfinished business and start anew as the next year approaches quickly.


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