How to Get Back on the Admin Job Hunt After a Long-Term Job

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If you are one of the many workers on the admin job hunt after a long stint with a single company, you need to strategize to target the right employers and positions. Administration jobs require workers with proven experience and a precise skill set, but you must also demonstrate your professionalism and intelligence when courting a potential employer. Use the following tips to get your job hunt started on the right foot.

Firstly, you need to spend some time updating your resume. While it is certainly a formidable task, try to summarize your experience with your previous employer succinctly and clearly. Many workers on the admin job hunt mistakenly share copious amounts of information in their resumes, leading recruiters to toss them immediately. Avoid making this mistake by keeping your descriptions short and concise. Remember, you have the opportunity to elaborate on your past successes in your cover letter, so don't cram too much information into your resume.

While it is essential to include educational information and work history on your resume, formatting your CV involves more than simple editing. Many head hunters and recruiters rely on automated software to review your resume. These programs scan for keywords that are relevant to the job in question. List your skills and experience on your resume, and try to use a wide assortment of synonyms to increase your chances of making it through this first round of the admin job hunt.

After tweaking your resume, work on establishing new contacts within the business world. If you wish to find a new job in a niche industry, try to make connections with others in the field via social media, networking events, and mutual connections. The vast majority of employers no longer advertise new positions but instead look for new talent through business relationships. During an admin job hunt, do not hesitate to contact previous employers, former colleagues, and even casual acquaintances for potential leads.

Finally, you should treat your admin job hunt like a full-time job of its own. Instead of casually seeking out new administration jobs and applying to job listings at random, spend time brainstorming ways to make new relationships in your field. Structure your time every week to keep yourself motivated, and make the effort to connect with new individuals on a daily basis. Scheduling your day heightens your chances of finding a new job, keeps you productive, and lessens the feelings of depression some face during unemployment.

Finding a new job demands a large portion of your time and energy each day. Fortunately, your quest for an administration position does not need to feel like an impossible mission. By taking the time to build meaningful relationships and target the right employers, your admin job hunt is bound to prove successful.


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