Maintaining Confidentiality is Key

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During recent years, the number of security breaches that were responsible for leaking sensitive information has skyrocketed. As a result, many companies are anxious to find ways to protect the privacy of clients and the company at all costs. Consider some major ways that administrative workers can help maintain confidentiality for a company and its clients.

Using Greater Discretion

It is crucial that administrative workers respect the privacy of clients by using higher discretion to maintain confidentiality. Never leave paperwork that contains personal information on a desk unattended where it can be seen or confiscated by anyone. If you have to reveal information to a client who comes to visit, invite the client into an office for a private meeting so that no unauthorized parties can overhear the details of the conversation. Avoid printing documents with private information whenever possible to limit confidentiality breaches. Using a paper shredder to dispose of sensitive documents properly is highly recommended for all organizations that handle and process confidential information.

Protecting Computer Data

Any information visible on your computer screen must be guarded to maintain confidentiality at all times. Every organization is vulnerable to being hacked by malevolent forces. To protect important information about the organization, its employees and clients, extra measures must be taken to improve cyber security. Always lock your computer when you leave your work area, and use a privacy screen if necessary to shield information while you work. A powerful firewall can block cyber security threats to protect and conceal computer data. Utilizing complicated passwords that contain letters, numbers and other special characters blocks hackers from accessing sensitive data on an office computer. Some employers choose to implement new passwords every day so if anyone steals a system password, it becomes obsolete soon afterwards.

Following Higher Security Protocol

For an organization to ensure that private information does not end up in the wrong hands, administrative assistants must focus on maintaining confidentiality by adhering to proper security protocol on a daily basis Limit the amount of people who have access to records that contain private information to uphold confidentiality in the workplace. When company employees or other people gain access confidential information, a time log can record their activity. If an employee or anyone else comes and asks intrusive questions without clearance, it is important not to divulge sensitive information. Always get permission from a higher company authority before exchanging private information verbally or in written form to anyone, so you are not held accountable.

With the absence of confidentiality, a company can be judged as untrustworthy and careless by others. A company that maintains confidentiality earns the trust of clients and company personnel who feel their private information is safe. To prevent private information from being exposed during administrative tasks, use discretion and the proper procedures on every level.


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