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Job interviews are stressful, and it's natural to be nervous. A panel interview can be even more intimidating, sitting across the table from two, three or even four professionals as they pepper you with questions. When you're faced with a panel interview, don't let your nerves get the best of you. Follow these quick tips to ace the interview.

1. Research the Company

Find out everything you can about the company prior to the interview. Check out the company's website, and read press releases. Search for news articles so you're aware of the latest happenings. Read about the top players in the organization.

2. Learn About the Panelists

When faced with a panel interview, ask for the names of the panelists and jot them down so you can do more prep work. Look them up on the company's online directory, or search their names on LinkedIn. Find out each panelist's role in the company, and learn about their previous work experience. This gives you insight into each person's values so you can gear your responses appropriately.

3. Familiarize Yourself With The Business

Find out all you can about the company's products or services prior to your panel interview. If possible, test them, or read customer reviews to learn about challenges the company may face. You can work this information into your interview to demonstrate how you can help the organization solve problems.

4. Arrive Prepared

Show up on time with several copies of your resume in hand. Bring one copy for every member of the interview panel, and remember to bring an extra copy along for yourself. Consider bringing a portfolio to show off your work.

5. Address All Panelists

When introducing yourself, be sure to address ever member of the interview panel. Shake each panelist's hand, and be sure to maintain eye contact throughout the greeting. As you respond to each question, continue to glance at each interview panelist as not to single out just one member of the panel.

6. Ask Thoughtful Questions

Have some questions prepared that prove you conducted thorough research. Ask about the company culture, or inquire about challenges the organization faces. Try to address at least one question to each member of the interview panel, and use your research to direct the question to the panelist's area of expertise.

7. Follow Up

After the interview, remember to follow up to show your appreciation for the panelists' time. Address a thank you card or email to each member of the interview panel.

The key to acing any job interview is preparation. When faced with a panel interview, you can show all members of the panel that you value their time by doing your homework and showing up prepared and ready to sell yourself. These quick tips can help you succeed during your panel interview.

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