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Writing down a quick note occasionally to jog your memory at work is a basic function, but using your notebook in a methodical, purposeful manner to accomplish a variety of administrative feats is more advanced but still simple. By taking advantage of your notebook, you can become more efficient at work, raise your performance level and perhaps impress management. Learn to use your notebook and reach your full potential at work and off the clock.

Brainstorm Solutions to Problems

Use a notebook to help solve all types of problems at work. Construct a list of all of the administrative blocks that impede progress as a first step to addressing problems. Next, invent a list of possible solutions that are realistic and doable. Enhance your notes with graphs and printed information to help you along. In addition, consider technological resources that can expedite your administrative performance, and use your notebook to record them and analyze the benefits.

Prioritize Tasks

You can use your notebook to prioritize tasks at work by establishing what is most important, and then set a schedule to fulfill each task in a timely manner. Make a list of everything that must be addressed before you start working. Ensure that crucial matters are granted sufficient time in your work schedule to be completed properly. Learning to assess the value of each task by listing the benefits can help you make the decision between tasks that seem equally important at first glance. If prioritizing major tasks is difficult if you are uncertain about what is most important, considering the deadline for each one can make the decision easier. People with higher energy levels in the day should make important tasks a morning quest, while those with more energy in the afternoon do well prioritizing major tasks to be tackled later in the day.

Remember Valuable Ideas

Use your notebook to record random ideas and thoughts that flow to you throughout the day. Some of your best ideas may pass through your mind on a whim, so it is important to keep a pocket notebook handy to jot down spontaneous thoughts of genius. Although taking your work home may seem taboo to some, reviewing your ideas in your notebook later at home can produce even more clever ideas. Consider using different color pens to help you organize the daily thoughts you write down.

Accurately Gauge Your Work Performance

Use your notebook to keep a written record of how well you are doing. By analyzing your performance over a period, you can determine where you are and motivate yourself to do better. When you successfully achieve daily, weekly and monthly objectives, you can rate yourself. Actively improve your performance in areas of weakness by taking note of them, and work on them regularly to raise your efficiency. By keeping a tally of your own performance, you are prepared when reviews are due, and you are in a better position to ask for a promotion based on specific examples of strong performance.

Remember that you can use a fresh notebook for every area to become more productive. If you decide to use an electronic notebook, you can access your notebook from work and home with convenience. Strategically learning to use your notebook every day can make you a more skillful, organized administrator.

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