• Office Administrative Assistant - DEN

    ABM Industries Denver, CO 80238

    Job #2317999151

  • Overview

    Job Responsibility

    1. Duties.

    2. Record and document all lot openings and closures

    3. Record, document, and communicate necessary information to MOD, all information received via telephone or radio. (i.e. DEICE operations, SMGCS, AMBER alerts, etc...)

    4. Monitor and restock daily forms as needed.

    5. Walk-Around paperwork and passenger counts will be collected, organized by date and shift, secured, and then provided to office manager.

    6. Updating maintenance boards as instructed and/or as needed.

    7. Keep operations room clean and organized

    8. Monitor door bell system and document all (non-Ampco) visitors

    9. Collect and record all incoming/outgoing lost and found items

    10. Radio and Phones must be monitored at all times and will follow the proper Phone and Radio procedures.

    11. Mustbe courteous and respectful at all times.

    12. Issue and document necessary equipment to employees (batteries for radios, etc.)

    13. Paperwork.

    14. Must complete all paperwork from current shift before the next shift.

    15. All paperwork times are written in Military Time.

    16. Review all Walk Around and Passenger Logs for legibility, completeness, properly filled out, etc. Any issues should be communicated to the driver to fix, if available, or communicated to the manager on duty.

    17. Collect and secure all AMOD and Supervisory paperwork and turn into MOD.

    18. Phone and Radio Procedures.

    19. Must be polite and courteous.

    20. When transferring the phone calls inform the recipient of the caller's name and specific affiliation.

    21. All calls received will be recorded on the Phone Log unless the caller declines to provide information. In this case, the call with known details must be logged.

    22. When using the radio you must follow proper radio procedures and language.


    Must be able to verbally communicate in English and maintain a safe working environment. Must be able to convey accurate information to Manager's on Duty, Office Manager, Senior Management, and to the customers concerning the operation at any given time. Will be required to relay transmissions via two-way radios. Must immediately inform management of any incidents and concerns that arise (as this position does not require you to be actively involved in operational decision-making).

    Pay rate is $15.87/hr.

    REQNUMBER: 29698

    All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, or status as a protected veteran.